Lola’s Reviews Presents:

A Few Late Thoughts on Adventure Time‘s “Preboot” and “Reboot”

by Lola Burris


Since around season 3 I would definitely make the claim that Adventure Time is one of the best shows on TV. It has the richest and most diverse world-building of any show I’ve seen, and it is able to build on that would while still remaining in the confines of what we’d expect from it. The season 7 finale just goes to solidify that. Since this is a season finale take this as your official Spoiler warning.

       image04 Adventure Time has been hinting at the plot of these episodes for quite a while, with people in Ooo living as cyborgs – Bmo’s creator especially. In this episode we meet Doctor Gross who has been making hybrid animals (monsters?) in her lab, and an old friend, Tiffany, is there too. Finn is always looking to meet someone who appears to be human, and Doctor Gross seems to fit the bill until she reveals the array of mods she has installed in her body. “Evolution’s too slow.” She claims. Doctor Gross and her nightmare menagerie seem to hold a lot of lore as to what happened to all the humans, but while Finn, Jake, and Susan are escaping they destroy the lab and everyone inside of it, seemingly, except for the hybrids. The death of Tiffany is very interesting for Adventure Time because it introduces an idea of killing off characters that we’ve had slight, or even major, attachment to. This happens a few times in the episode and I’ll touch on it more later.


        The episode “Reboot” focuses heavily on Susan Strong. In the previous episode it is revealed that she has a chip implanted in her head, and that that chip is now malfunctioning, or maybe finally functioning the way it was meant to. Either way, Susan is now set on destroying Finn and Jake. In the early battle Rattleballs, another old friend, leaps out of hiding to try and save Finn and Jake. He is destroyed, his final words being “Yabba-dabba-dabba-dabba.” Which, I promise, is important. Everything leads up to a battle between Finn and Susan, which Finn totally doesn’t want. Susan is his friend, right? Finn and Jake form the Jake suit, yet another callback, and try to body slam susan, which basically does nothing. During the whole fight Finn is pleading with Susan to stop, and telling her that he doesn’t want to hurt her. Finn throws Susan into the ocean, but she emerges carrying a very large anchor. Susan throws the anchor and it lands on Finn and Jake, Finn manages to crawl out unharmed thanks to the protection of the Jake suit. Jake, however, is looking really bad; he mutters out a “Yabba-dabba-dabba-dabba.” Finn manages to destroy the chip on Susan’s head, which returns her back to normal, and he seems to be done fighting, his grass sword (which is attached to his body) however, is not. The sword takes control of Finn’s body, and starts to beat up Susan. We get this amazing shot where the grass from Finn’s arm slithers over the Finn sword, out of frame, and then back to wrap around it which tears it off off Finn, causing Finn to lose his arm for the second time in this series. The grass and sword form a sort of Grass Finn, and that is where we’re left this season, with no implication of whether Jake, Tiffany, and Rattleballs are really dead.

image00 The idea of a cliffhanger this heavy is new to Adventure Time, in fact, killing off characters is new to Adventure Time. I think this episode really proves how much Adventure TIme has matured from an episode where Princess Bubblegum continued to clone a Candy Kingdom citizen because she couldn’t stand to see him go, which was very representative of the series, at the time. The fact that Rattleballs was so clearly shattered and said the same thing as Jake before his death is really scary, I don’t know if Adventure Time could really ever kill off Jake, but the fact that they’ve even allowed us to think it is monumental for them.
It looks like the eighth season of Adventure Time is shaping up to be pretty incredible. The Adventure Time crew tends to use finales to set up the mysteries of the next season, so it seems like we may finally get to find out about what happened to the humans. With the end of Adventure Time nearing this seems like a major possibility for a season arch, and that is very exciting. It seems like everything has been leading up to this season, with all of Finn’s character development included. So, here’s to season 8 – whatever that may bring.

Article written by Lola Burris, posted on January 31st, 2016.

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