Eden’s Op Ed: On Snake People & Their Concerned, But Loving, Parents


by Eden Pearl


Who here is aware of the cultural phenomena of “Snake People?”  Maybe you’ve heard the rumors about Obama being a lizard, or an alien, or something of the like?  Well, millennials have their own secret identity now: snake people.  Sometime in early 2015, people were loving teasing the new generation for their phone using habits, but in my opinion these are just excuses to just hate on every young person they don’t like.  We all got tired of the word, and Eric Bailey gave us the solution: a chrome extension that changes every usage of the word millennials to the less maliciously inclined “snake people.”

People love making fun of other people.  It’s always been done, whether it comes in the form of a Shakespearean banter or one of the internet-famous Ricegum’s roasts, it tends to gain a very enthusiastic audience.  I suppose most people remember the time where every popular interview show was doing their best to make fun of the so-called “white girl”, and her propensity towards Starbucks & comfortable pants.  There is humor to be found in these things, of course, but people tend to and will generally find something that will upset them.  But in this generation, they won’t just sit in the slander while more and more of it manifests; because of the people’s ability to use the web freely, they can express their own thoughts right back at ‘em.  Maybe some of you are familiar with the mom & dad jokes that struck gold with the millennial crowd.  These include such funnies as: the soccer mom haircut consistent with every SUV-driving matriarch.  See, why is it that so often, young people get attacked for doing the equivalent of what the generation before them did, or even does?  I see 50 year-old men on their phones just as much as the 13 year old girl they like to make fun of.  It seems to me that the problem is not phone usage, or the youngest generation being lazier, I think the problem is the romanticization of “their” time.  They refuse to admit they weren’t perfect children with the purest & most shrewd of interests, and they push this phony past on their children.  I could sit here and point out things like pet rock industry which somehow produced a millionaire, or how their generation ruined the economy, but how is that productive?  Whether some of us want to admit it or not, this generation is doing just fine on its own.  Us kids aren’t starting any wars.  If the worst thing you can point out about us is our love of Pokemon Go, then maybe we’re doing a pretty great job.

Article written by Eden Pearl, posted on January 31st, 2016.

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