Horoscope: Week 2

by Odessa Green

Well hello, dearest readers! It’s Auntie Odie here to tell you what The Stars have in line for you this week!


It’s time for the world to shower you with wonders. Gifts, money, helpful hints for life problems! Appreciate the glory while it lasts.


This is a week to take one day at a time, not because everything’s bad, but because so much good can be very overwhelming! Take time to be thankful for each and every good thing and more will surely come. They say you get what you put out into the world, and now is definitely time to reap the rewards of your work!


Honey…Dearest…it’s time to take a deep breath. If you keep on at this fast a pace you’re going to wear yourself out. Slow down and smell the flowers or risk ending up a gooey pile on the side of the road when you push yourself too far and make bad decisions due to stress and lack of sleep. What about a spa day or a mani-pedi at your favorite nail salon? All great ideas, but so is eating an orange and watching the sunset with your family. Whatever relaxes you, go for it.


Dark days lie ahead, but that’s not a problem for you. You thrive in the dark. The cosy, warm dark. Just watch out for shadow beasts okay? Your fears lurk in the dark, and even if you know you can beat them with one hand tied behind your back, the fight isn’t always the best of experiences.


Might I say, what a dashing young fellow! You’ve got the charm, charisma, and people-pleasing skills to do anything you want to this week. Too bad you don’t have the energy. It’s a tiring week for you to do what you do. Maybe it’s because of the weather or a bad shrimp cocktail. Either way, make sure to get lots of shut eye!


Sweet Mary, you’re a lucky one! Everything’s going right for you, no doubt about it at all! Not even the tiniest shred of bad luck! Everything’s fine, great, splendid, wondiferous!


Oh Honey, it’s time to find you a big, strong man! He’ll love you and cherish you for the rest of his days, or at least he’ll try to. Or maybe he’s out to kill you while you sleep. You never know about those big, strong men. They’re a mysterious bunch. But with Jupiter in your corner, you’re sure to run into at least one of these rare specimens this week!


It’s time to lick your wounds, Deary, because you’ve got a nice period of respite to nurse your grudges. Your emotions are in turmoil and your body is too. Make sure you have a bowel movement at least once a day, drink lots of water, and pump the bellows of anger in your heart until it’s time to let it all out. I promise, soon, vengeance will be yours.


Oh you lovebird! Watch as romance blossoms full right before your very eyes. Steal a kiss under the moonlight, give your honey bear a hug, set up a romantic date night; it’s all just peachy! You’ve got a week with Venus on your side so don’t waste it.


It’s time to get riled up! This is your Power Week. Get on up there and fight, fight, fight! Sock ‘em right in the kisser, Deary, but watch out for snakes waiting in the shadows. Remember that the brighter you burn, the deeper your shadows will be. Get ready to burn bright, take down your enemies, and protect your backside!


Oh Deary, at least you’ve got a shoulder to cry on.


It’s time to get down with your bad self! You’re in a jazzy mood, I can just tell. Well, don’t bottle it up; let the world see you show off those dancing pants! As a side note, wild financial success is yours this week, but who cares when you can just dance those worries away?


Article written By Odessa Green, Published February 10th, 2017

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