Horoscope: Week 2

By Odessa Green

Hello Dearies! We’re in for a good week, so let your hair down and have a bit of fun.




Well then, you’re week is a bit stressful at first, full of conflict and horror. But after that, it’s all fun and games! Time to prepare for a metaphorical beach day. So grab a good book or a sword that needs sharpening and relax by the fireside with a glass of warm milk.




When the world comes a knock in it’s time to turn over, put the pillow over your ears, and go back to sleep. This week will be a bit of a daze, but that’s okay! At least every night sleep will be excellent. Even half asleep you’ll have to be really oblivious to notice the magnificent love coming your way dear reader.




At this point, I’m just going to say that to be safe you should stay inside and away for other people this week. Mars is out to get you. Hide.




It’s time to put on your cowboy boots, this week is going to be a shindig! Love, money, wide acclaim, everything is within your grasp. It’s your Power Week, so strut your stuff and buy some lottery tickets! Get your kicks in now while you still have the good luck to do it!




Rock n’ Roll this week!




It’s time to let your hair down. This week is very mild, not too good, not too bad. So it’s safe to say nothing’s coming your way and you can just sit this one out with a nice hot cup of tea. No dark pits of despair or wild love affairs mean this week can be a break from everything that’s been going on.




Your week is like a gentile sapling peeking out of the ground on an early spring day. Everything is a beautiful opportunity for growth, until someone steps on you and your stem snaps and you wither and die. Avoid confrontation this week and you’ll be fine, but in simple terms: once your week’s ruined it’s only going to get worse. But if it’s never ruined then you get to have lots of fun!




With the spring comes the wildflowers, and this week you’re the prettiest wildflower of them all. Beauty in it’s truest form, there’s no such thing as a bad hair day for you this week!




Nothing important is going to happen, so just go and pick out a good book and wait for the week to pass.




You ever think, maybe I should throw a party? Well this is the week to do just that! Have fun, throw a party with all your pals, laugh and sing and have a jolly good time!




Take what’s yours this week with the big ol’ confidence boost coming your way! Don’t think about consequences or risks, just go out and do it! This is a week to take chances, get the girl, and make a name for yourself, so go on ahead and do just that!




Long lost love is coming your way, whether you want it to or not. But I bet you’re concerned about monetary success this week, so I’ll be a good Auntie and give you a head’s up on that too. You’ve got a lot of opportunities coming your way, but with everyone you waste your luck with money will get worse. So get confident!


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