Three Small Stories

By Jacob Gantenbein

Three Small Stories:




The cocoons:


Green, Pink, Blue, and Yellow;

These are all of the colors they were proud to show off together in their little tree. They whispered to each other silently as they hung there for years… until something happened that none of them could predict. The wind blew through and they smashed into each other and some of them were even broken. Yet, no funerals could be held. The other cocoon sets were too far on the tree to hear what was happening. This tree was quite for the rest of it’s time hoping that would stop the wind, and it did. The cocoons, they hung there forever, beside their dead friends until the next gust of wind which never came, all thanks to the tree.


The Discount Ark:


Need to save every species of animal that exists on your planet?

Maybe you are suffering from a large flood? Or perhaps the sky is falling? Or maybe fidget spinners were just discovered by anyone born after 2001? Buy a discount ark! Don’t bother with Noah’s, it’s far too big and expensive. Our design is simple and comfortable! It’s baseball bat shape gives everyone onboard the same sensation you had as a kid in little league when you got hit by a bat! It’s floats nicely and is shielded from all sides! THERE ARE NO EXITS

You can’t know how great it is until you give it a shot! YOU WON’T REGRET IT.


Mixing Paint:


“Are we mixing paint?” Sarah said to the wall knowing he’d hear her. The wall began to warp as if it had been soaked in water for hundreds of years.
“Why though?” Sarah crossed her arms. The paint on the wall started to flake itself off.

“No! You shut up! I’ve had with this Jenn. I can’t be the only one in this relationship who tries! I can’t be the only one who has the paint Jenn!” Sarah turned away from the wall. The wall moved and brushed up against Sarah. “You’re selfish Jenn!” Sarah pushed the wall away.

“I can’t…” the wall was shaking and a crack began to stretch from one end of itself to another. It sounded like bones under a press; like dry macaroni under a shoe.
“Jenn…” Sarah moved closer. Sounds of flesh echoed through the crack in the middle of the wall like cooked macaroni still under a shoe. A thick liquid oozed from the crack like some kind of slime. Sarah’s eyes opened wide and her lips stretched to a smile just like the crack the wall.

“The paint!” She hugged the wall. “You’re the best girlfriend ever Jenn.”


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