You got pulled over, congratulations!

By Andy Murray

You got pulled over, congratulations!

You did something stupid and got noticed by the popo. The first question you should ask yourself is: Why did you get pulled over?

The answer should be something like this:

(A) I was speeding.

(B) I ran a red light.

(C) I have a warrant for armed robbery.

Once you know why it is happening, let it happen. Be sure to keep your hands on the steering wheel and answer all of the questions truthfully, don’t talk yourself into a ticket… that’s never good.

Talking yourself into a ticket is saying something like:

(A) I pay your salary.

(B) You have no cause to pull me over.

(C) See you in court bub.

Mean stuff like that.


Next is the handing of the identification.

Your officer will ask for you drivers license and proof of insurance. A driver’s license is that little card with the photo you keep in your wallet. The insurance is usually in the glove box and lets your officer know that you don’t want to pay for anyone’s car when you hit it.

Next, they will check your insurance to the car’s vin (Vehicle Identification Number) located on that sticker on the windshield.


They will then go back to their car and run you through NCIC/TCIC (National Criminal Information Center/Texas Criminal Information Center), this will tell them if you are a criminal or not.

They will then either give you a citation (Equivalent of a Class C Misdemeanor [Fine up to $500]) or a Verbal Warning. The you can leave, just don’t be the person that burns their tires and speeds away, that will just get you pulled over again.

Drive safe! (you terrible driver)

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